Immersing Users into the beauty of Slovak Nature

Harmonizing aesthetics and functionality for Lesmír’s app and digital presence.

Project overview

Lesmír is a mobile application developed to connect users with Slovak nature by providing them with a trail-guide experience.

We embarked on a journey of exploration with Lesmír.

We were tasked with revamping its UI and enhancing UX flows across the entire application to facilitate seamless interaction and discovery of Slovakia's hidden gems.

Lesmír (Krásnô Stúdio)
Client focus
Trail guide
Type of work
UX/UI Design
Web Design
Country and year
Slovakia, 2022–2023
The challenge

Reliability over everything

The primary challenge was to prioritise reliability, ensuring users could depend on the app for every aspect of their journey without encountering unexpected obstacles.

The previous design suffered from confusing user flows, creating a maze of interactions that left users unsure of their journey within the app. Critical states were missing, leaving users uninformed about their actions and the app's responses, leading to potential frustration, disorientation and potential abandonment.

The visual style was outdated, contributing to a lack of aesthetic appeal and potentially deterring users from engaging with the app.

Balancing playfulness & modern elegance

We were asked to modernize the design without deviating from the existing typography, brand colors and illustrations that the client provided us with. We aimed to strike a balance between familiarity and freshness. We introduced a simple yet fresh and friendly design language.

The navigation system underwent a bigger overhaul, introducing a clear and organised structure that eliminates confusion and enables users to find what they need.

The website introduces users to the app and offers detailed insights into Lesmír's mission, the passionate individuals that stand behind the project, and the diverse excursions and digital guidance features that set Lesmír apart. Our challenge was to curate and present this wealth of information in a cohesive and visually engaging manner.

We implemented visually engaging sections for excursions, utilising high-quality media and captivating visuals to showcase the beauty of Slovak nature and the experience that Lesmír offers to its users.

The solution

Unified brand experience & user confidence

The redesign has helped Lesmír's users in many ways. Thanks to the seamless and intuitive UX, they are now more secure and confident when using the app, having a newfound sense of excitement in their adventures. The unified brand experience creates a sense of cohesion, aligning Lesmír's mission and values.

Client testimonial

"I believe there are many more projects ahead for us to work on together."

Adam Bartánus
Co-Founder & Design Director, KRÁSNÔ Studio

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