Redesigning Rufruf’s culinary heaven to support dogs’ well-being

Enhancing the overall health and vitality of our four-legged buddies through design.

Project overview

Rufruf, a dog food manufacturer, approached us with a desire of a complete redesign and repositioning of their brand. The aim was to transform their previous visual style and packaging to a more freshly-looking and modern design that would better communicate the quality of their products.

Client focus
Dog food manufacturing
Type of work
Art direction
Branding & strategy
Country and year
Czechia, 2022–ongoing
The challenge

A world where dogs live their lives to the fullest

Rufruf is the only positive food brand that focuses on both the physical and mental health of dogs and tries to improve the relationship between the dog and owner. The physical health of dogs is, after all, only half of what they need for overall satisfaction. Equally important is their mental health, which comes from good nutrition and proper care.

That’s why Rufruf has invested to a new design. To improve lives of our furry buddies.

Target audience

All dog owners who want happiness for their buddies.


To inspire and educate owners about the importance of their dogs’ health and well-being.

How can we raise awareness among dog owners about the importance of dog well-being to improve their attitudes towards their dogs' health?

How might we ensure the new branding communicates well with all 3 types of Rufruf’s customers?

How might we help Rufruf gain more trustworthiness in the Czech market and increase the customer rate and year-on-year growth to 100%?

The opportunity

“Being well together”as a brand motto

“I should take care of well-being because it will make my dog happier, healthier and live his life longer and more fully. This attitude will deepen our relationship together and we will both be happy.” The Rufruf team wishes that all customers would think about their dogs in this way.

To embody this concept in the design, we decided to create a dog mascot that customers would associate with Rufruf. This mascot would guide them on their journey toward improving their dog's lifestyle.

The aim was to use modern and fresh colour palette that would effectively represent well-being and natural base of their products in both digital and offline presence.

Healthy gut = hormone happiness

The research has demonstrated that, for dog owners, the long-term health of their dogs is crucial. However, many dogs often suffer from physical or mental illnesses attributed to improper lifestyles or inadequate care. Rufruf aims to eliminate these diseases by raising awareness of the nutritious food they offer. We assisted the client in finding ways for design to effectively communicate this, leaving a positive impact on their audience.

The design challenge

Heavenly good eating? Packaging that tempts taste buds

Our primary objective was to design packaging with a vibrant look, ensuring it not only stands out on the shelf but also establishes a strong and recognisable brand presence that ultimately contributes to increased product sales. At the heart of this design is a joyful golden retriever seated on a cloud, enjoying its presence in a heavenly setting filled with fresh ingredients.

How can we ensure the packaging designs clearly communicate the flavors and product lines, enabling customers to easily distinguish them?

How can we ensure the packaging communicates the positive effects the products have on dogs' health in an innovative & effective manner?

How can we guarantee easy and quick repurchases of products to boost the purchase rate?

Two similar yet slightly different design variants needed to be created to distinguish product lines that contain grains. It had to be clear that they shared the same flavour profile as the regular product line. This was achieved by employing a vibrant and lighter tone of the same color.

Canned food so great you’ll want to put it on your pasta

In addition to designing the kibble packaging, we also created a design for the canned food. We enjoyed customizing content into smaller sizes and devising creative strategies to ensure repeat purchases.

A reward that will make your dog voluntarily jump into the bath after a walk

Aaand... click! We also designed packaging for training treats!

Collaborating with a world champion cynologist, the product was crafted, and the design effectively communicates this on the back of the packaging.

A sprinkle of unique magic powder – not the illegal kind!

The design for the food topper includes several illustrated tutorial elements on how to use it correctly. Accompanying press materials were also created to promote this miracle product and communicate its added value.

The solution

Empty bowls & empty warehouse

We've transformed Rufruf into a modern, playful yet sophisticated brand, ensuring consistency across all digital and offline materials and laying the groundwork for potential expansion in its product offerings.

The brand now occupies a truly distinctive position in the Czech market, contributing to the increase in sales, attraction of new customers, and the transformation of dogs' lives into healthier ones.

Client testimonial

"There is no competition for the outcome. I believe it stands out as the top design in our field. The product designs are incredibly Instagram-worthy. It's all damn perfectly done."

Tomas Juchelka
CEO, Rufruf

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