Transforming Workplace Well-being through Design

Building a simple site to promote the importance of the workforce health.

Project overview

MyAge stands as a strategic partner for employers, offering a user-friendly software that not only prioritises employee well-being but also provides the tools and insights necessary for effective company management, such as measuring and optimising employees' functional age, stress levels, recovery, and energy values.

The client approached us with a mission to build a landing page tailored to employers, promoting the product as a valuable employee benefit.

Client focus
Corporate wellness
Type of work
Content Strategy
Web Design
Country and year
Czechia, 2022
The challenge

Reaping the benefits from promoting long-term health

The challenge was mostly to communicate the health and financial benefits the product brings employers and their workforce. We are fans on unobtrusive copywriting, therefore we focused on powerful visualisations instead to truly showcase the value the product offers. How personalized plans lead to continual effectiveness and long-term health benefits.

Less words, more action (and numbers)

Our strategy centered around showcasing the app's impact on the bottom line - demonstrating how investing in employee well-being translates directly to cost savings for employers. And me made sure the website illustrates this properly by developing a dynamic cost savings calculator.

Clear path forward

We crafted a clear pathway for users, outlining a step-by-step integration process. This ensured a hassle-free onboarding experience, allowing employers to seamlessly incorporate MyAge into their workspace.

The landing page was designed using the MyAge’s brand style guide but the site was enriched with several motion effects. Yet the emphasis was primarily put on simplicity and clarity so the visuals and copy deliver the important information.

Demonstrating value through real-life experiences

Building credibility and trust in the product was something we aimed for when thinking about the content and copywriting. Mentioning the positive results the product had on big companies was desirable.

The solution

Visually smooth experience & clear integration process

The landing page was designed to offer a seamless journey, ensuring every interaction was not only intuitive but also visually appealing. We streamlined the integration process, providing a clear step-by-step guide which resulted in an aesthetically pleasing and effortlessly functional experience.

What’s next?


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