Getting protrust back on the right track

Creating a brand that showcases Protrust’s offering and resonates with their clients.

Project overview

ProTrust operates as a consultancy company that specialises in providing strategic solutions for complex logistic challenges. With a commitment to professionalism and precision, the company navigates the intricacies of the corporate landscape, offering clients tailored guidance to enhance their business resilience and prosperity.

The client approached us to create a sophisticated identity that would mirror their professionalism, effectively conveying ProTrust as the optimal choice.

Client focus
Logistics consulting
Type of work
Branding & Strategy
Country and year
Czechia, 2022
The challenge

Sculpting a mature identity that guidesand inspires

It was important to design a personalised brand identity that resonated intimately with our client, the owner of ProTrust. We recognized the significance of infusing the brand with his values and personality to strengthen the bond between ProTrust and its clients, fostering a sense of professionalism, authenticity and trust.

Our carefully curated color palette reflects ProTrust's dynamism and innovation. Blues evoke trust and stability, while vibrant accents convey energy and forward-thinking.

We needed to create a visual language that communicated progression and a commitment to excellence. As part of the rebranding, we took charge of crafting a tagline, “On the right track”, that serves as the guiding beacon for the brand.

The solution

Powerful visual identity & brand narrative

The result of our hard work is not only an elevated ProTrust’s visual identity but also a fortified narrative of their brand that resonates profoundly with their audience, solidifying its position in the competitive landscape.

What’s next?


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